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Tattoo Removal - Introduction

The Pastelle laser is the most sophisticated technology in the removal of tattoos.  Previous removal techniques included methods such as salabrasion and dermabrasion (‘sanding’), burning, skin grafting or the actual cutting out of the tattoo.  However, these methods are invasive, painful, more likely to result in unsightly scarring and generally only viable on smaller areas.  Moreover, their effectiveness is dramatically lower than that of the Pastelle laser making it the obvious, safest and most effective choice for tattoo removal.

All types of tattoos located on all parts of the body are able to be treated and removed safely and successfully whether it is an amateur or professional, surgical or traumatic tattoo.  In addition, the Pastelle laser is able to successfully treat larger tattoos.

The Pastelle Laser is able to treat all coloured tattoos successfully.  Dark colours such as black, blue and red are most easily treated.  Lighter colours such as purple and orange fade significantly whereas yellows and greens are the most difficult to treat and will require more treatments for significant fading.

Tattoo Removal - How it works

The Pastelle laser directs pulses of short, very high powered light which is absorbed by the pigment in the tattoo.  This rapid absorption of light causes the coloured pigmentation to break up into tiny particles small enough to be removed by your body’s own filtration system (white blood cells).

Tattoo Removal - Treatments

Most clients liken the sensation of the laser to the skin being flicked by a rubber band which is tolerable and fades soon after.  However, depending on the size of the tattoo, its location and your own sensitivity, anaesthetic creams may be topically applied.

Your treating clinician will give you specific instructions to follow over the days following you treatment.  An antibacterial ointment and a light dressing will be applied after the treatment for a few days and the area must be kept clean.  Occasionally, immediately post treatment, pin point bleeding may occur and if a scab results, they must not be picked at or scratched.  

Tattoo Removal - Results

For many cases greater than 95% fading of the tattoo may be achieved.  However, size, colours and quality of the tattoo are all factors that will influence the effectiveness of the treatment.  There are many types of tattoo inks used over the world, none of which are regulated.  Therefore, not knowing the ink used, or how deeply it was applied makes it extremely difficult for the treating clinician to predict the degree of fading you may expect or the number of treatments you will need to undergo.  Generally patients require 6 or more treatments which can be performed at 6 to 8 week intervals.

Tattoo Removal - Safety

This laser has minimal chance of side effects.  As the light pulses are very short and directed, there is no damage to surrounding skin.  Furthermore, the Pastelle may be used on all skin types.  The clinicians at the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic are highly trained and very attentive to each individual client meaning your treatment will be carried out in a responsible and professional environment.

Tattoo Removal - Fact Sheet

Please click here to download Pastelle Tattoo Removal fact sheet.